• Jessica Bakker

Copenhagen in 24 hours

24 hours in Copenhagen can definitely be done - however don't underestimate the beauty and charm of this place. Even the hostels are fancy here, you can purchase organic tea towels by danish designers from 2 star hostels if your feeling classy. If you need a reference, mix Amsterdam with Sweden and a bit of Melbourne and you've got yourself a Denmark.

What I found was beautiful tall blonde couples seem to make 80% of the population, its almost compulsory to find yourself a blonde person to fit into the crowd. It's not only the people that are beautiful - interiors here are taken to a whole other level. Bauhaus designs inspired buildings and interiors everywhere, if you want to feel all cultured google it and use it in conversations randomly. However just a top tip - don't mistake a sports centre with a gallery, you'll get weird looks when you walk in just to appreciate the art on the walls only to realise Denmark just seems to make all interiors look amazing.

When theres signs in certain markets in town that have a picture of a camera with a cross through it, probs dont take photos hey. In fact its probably not a great idea to stand on a chair to take a photo of the cool lights right then and there, people will yell at you like you've shot someone.

Another fun thing I learnt here was to not text people while close to the edge of the sidewalk or you may trip and literally fall into an underground gallery, those underground shop fronts are everywhere.

I think the next thing goes without saying, but when in the airport don't attempt to eat a supermarket salad with a straw and then result to just using your hands right before customs/bag checks in the airport - especially salads that have sauces on it.