• Jessica Bakker

Things that surprised me about Norway

Firstly, the drinking rules here are hectic, some places have a 25 yr old age restriction. The injustice is too real for these poor, deprived 24 yr old Norwegians. To take things to the next level, you can't buy your fave red wine in supermarkets after 3/4pm on a saturday, regardless of how hard you try.

My surprise didn't stop there in terms of drinking culture, Norwegian girls are the forward ones in bars, somehow that gender thing flipped here which is a funny thing to watch. On a positive note though, you can get your vintage buys here, the stores are the cutest but the prices are a little unreal. Maybe because money isn't being spent on wine in supermarkets. It's worth really doing your research before picking hostels, just because Norway is expensive and pretty doesn't mean all hostels are up to scratch. Some hostels (talking from personal experience here) may look and feel like an old hospital, which is only worth it if you meet fab irish guys in your room that will give you beer.

Any kind of museum you want, you'll find it here in Norway. Theres over 50 to choose from, so easily you could smash them all out if you give yourself a couple days. Not only that but theres great espresso bars run by former barista champions, tastes like Australian coffee but looks a little more fancy.

So if your looking for a coffee drinking, museum exploring, cultured, beautiful and expensive kind of place then Norway is for you!