• Jessica Bakker

A snapshot of Malta

I have so much love for Malta - not only because it reminds me of the beautiful beaches back in Aus but it also just has the most beautiful little towns. Almonds, dates and weird honey rings that don't even have honey are a thing in Malta. Buy a mixed bag and you'll get a disappointing taster for all the sweet biscuits.

Firstly, Pop eye film set is cute but not worth going inside, its like a sad theme park on a rainy day when its february and all the buildings are closed. Just pop round the side for fab views of the village on the water instead.

Buildings here are kinda like athens, and the boats, and sea views are like croatia so your in for a funky mix of beautiful sea views and historic little towns. The one thing to note is all bus drivers are different - some will charge you 1.50 euros, some charge 3 euros. There seems to be no pattern as to when they decide to charge you differently, just depends on the driver.

Sitting in a bag rack on a busy bus may just get some laughs by a lithuanian environmentalist, which will as a result give you fun conversations about global warming for the duration of your bus ride.

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